Show Me Your Face Lord Jesus




A heart made of fine fine flour. Refined by fire. You cannot separate Spirit and Truth. They go together otherwise we will walk away from Truth. Then we have turned our backs from a holy God and walk in the wrong direction. 


It’s truly a walk of love. In Christ and Him alone.

Everywhere in Scripture God gives us time and time again chances to turn to Him and live holy and godly lives but rebellion is in our hearts. The hearts of mankind. The only way we can be sure we are walking in His ways is to align ourselves with Scripture. Totally align ourselves. It’s a wonderful and enlightening walk. 

My contribution this year for Easter. In the time I spent with the Lord at the cross. Intimate communion. In prayer and supplication, my husband commented on the choking. I had also experienced the choking. For weeks. Jesus choked on the cross. 


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