Jesus, You Can Move The Mountains

The question is, if the herd is slayed and offered up at the east but it says the sheep or goats are slayed at the north, the passage should follow that the grain offering continues to be burnt at the north.
Unless stated.
The Lord will move this mountain. And and and, I got the way it’s been done. After much thought. I asked my husband how it’s possible to find an unblemished animal or anything for this matter and he said it just had to be without spot. LOL Going to ask him to read it as well, to help me figure it out. hahahahahahaha A family effort. The best, like prayers. hahahahahahaha LOL
Life is great. hahahahahahaha


No, it did not say that right. It never mentions the east. It says the north in the first chapter so the aminal offerings are burnt at the north but cut up at the east at the doorway. So it should follow that the grain offering is burnt at the north but enters to be sorted and some taken by the priests at the east doorway. 
When you cannot get it, pray. 
So then you can further question yourself whether when you offer yourself up as an offering to the Lord. All of your heart. Is it just a token portion. Offerings of lesser sanctity. A minute quantity of self. Just a fistful. Or is it all of you. The holy part Jesus has worked in your heart since you were His and His alone. All His. More of Him. Good question, right. In light of offerings. Not talking about tithes here. Talking about our hearts. 

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