The Path Of Holiness


The path of holiness is a life time walk with Jesus. With the Lord. From the day you believe that He is God. When you acknowledge that God exists and He displays His power and glory, right before Your very eyes. It is just the start. The beginning of a long long journey homeward bound. It is most certainly a very arduous journey. Not boring at all. Just to think, this must be it. But have found, yes, there is more. So much more.

Today as I spent quiet time with the Lord He showed me a glorious picture of where I’m at with Christ.

I was walking towards Christ and His glorious light. As I walked forward, the rays of Jesus’ light could be seen shining from me as well. Jesus our righteousness. I have honestly never seen this.

The thing is my hands are no longer high up in the skies. In obedience, they are knelt down at the feet of Jesus. In honor of His love for me. 


 Truly, truly, who am I, Lord Jesus?

Which tribe do I come from?

Leviticus 5


Lord, I give You my heart.

2 August 2012 LOVE





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