Walk By Faith


Twice a year I get led by the Spirit to the little Christ child and the broken body of Jesus on the cross. I just follow God’s lead. Many start the way to the cross right after Christmas and go into deep deep prayer with Jesus. Some, like me, ahead of time. Others at the time of Easter. They follow the footsteps according to the days of the year with everyone. Me, I seem to go ahead of time and complete it all before Christmas and Easter.

This year has been like no other year. If you lose your focus and the attention of your heartfelt love for Christ, you just lose the vision completely and utterly. I have, once again been blessed in this holy ground at the foot of the cross. 

Now, the Lord, has instructed me into a deep study of His Word. More-so than the other years, and I follow His instructions. If we do not follow Scripture, we can easily be deceived. Led away from God. 

I am currently doing as Global University instructs, to study book by book, that accompanies this Biblical Theology course. A bit hard but I’m a volunteer, so, I can find the time to fit it all in. 

A holiness walk is very hard. Choices that do not make for popular. Giving up things that are fun, in this world. Getting on with the important business of loving Jesus and spreading His heart all across the nations. So that. All will know that He is God. 

The first book God asked me to read was Ezekiel. It was easy until I got to the part where the new temple was to be built. I stopped as all the measurements were a fuzz to me. I’m obviously not a brick builder. 

I have traveled many many miles to find my way home. And I have many more to go. Still, at fourteen, Frost’s picture is still in my mind. And miles to go before I sleep.  And the road less traveled. 

As we all walk together all across the globe, the only focus is that God be glorified and lifted in the highest place. This is Christ our Lord. Messiah. His return is soon. Do not turn to the left or the right. Fix your eyes on the author and the finisher of our faith. Keep the faith. Do not be faint nor weary. Be of good spirit. Take heart. Jesus has overcome the world. No one can snatch us from our Father’s hand. If we have seen the Christ, then we have seen the Father. The just shall live by faith.

Glory to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. 

Global University
Biblical Theology
The Work Of A Pastor
Chapter 8
Leviticus 6
ICA Academy
Theological Education



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