I Plunged The Sword Down My Throat

I did not finish the end of my contribution this Easter season, so I shall complete the story of my vision.

When my husband spoke about the choking which I was experiencing as well, I knew it was all about Jesus and the cross. So when I sought Christ for the answer, He told me He choked and gagged there as His body was falling downward He found it ……. asphyxiating. This is the word Jesus used, asphyxiating. So, in the days that followed, I remembered what others had done so I took up the sword which I was given in 2005 and I plunged the sword down my throat from my mouth. All the way and the blood flowed out of my mouth. At the wink of the eye, I was in the quiet still waters. And just left it, at that. The words that came to mind were, the sword of the Spirit, the new and everlasting covenant and Jesus, the Prince of peace. There was no more choking nor gagging after this. We were both in the quiet still waters and my husband and I no longer felt the gagging nor choking. 

I always remember those who walk before me and when God brings to mind the things they have done, I also do so. I do lots on my own but it is always good to know those who walked this path before me. 

I may not fit into the norm but who says I am not the norm. It is difficult to fit in with others who are not like me as how do you ask someone to do this. I have learnt like Paul to be content with whatever. But I will not give up the good fight of faith in the way my Father has gifted me. I will fight until my last dying breath to love Him in the way He has created me. 

Sometimes, you just got to do what you got to do. It may not be popular but hey, it is obviously popular with the Lord. With Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I don’t think the Lord is looking for perfect. He is just looking for someone who loves Him with all of their heart and mind and strength. Someone who is just happy happy happy all around. Daily.

Global University
Biblical Theology
The Work Of A Pastor
Leviticus 7
ICA Academy
Theological Education





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