Jesus Used This Word To Express His Pain

kill (someone) by depriving them of air.
“they were asphyxiated by the carbon monoxide fumes”
synonyms: choke (to death), suffocate, smother, stifle; More
die by being deprived of air.
“they slowly asphyxiated”
This definition is used by the English dictionary. 
Jesus used this word to share with me how He suffered on the cross. How He felt. I suppose it takes a life long relationship with Jesus for Him to share His most terrible sufferings with me. I was seven when I first started to observe and wondered what this was all about. Throughout my years of intimacy in my quiet times with the Lord, I grew to know more about Jesus in this area of His life. Moreso than when I was just a little girl. The longer the walk. The more intimate the walk, Jesus reveals how much He suffered so we can be saved by His grace. When you know that you know that this not only happened but is so real that you are also standing there sharing in His sufferings, your life changes like it has never before. By the age of my mid-twenties, Jesus called me to this place in visions and dreams. To think, I sought Him for years as a child under the age of ten. Then He continued to seek me until I found Him. Or is it that He sought me all along and I just played along with Him.  Messiah this is. The Christ. Jesus. The Name above all names. As Jesus began to weaken, His body began to slip on the cross and it caused Him a lot of pain as He gagged and could not breathe. He suffocated on the cross. We could say that the suffocation was the mass sins He took upon Himself. Though He is God and He can carry us all at a whisper. His body was flesh. The flesh we are in this day. The human body failed Him where He is God. He never failed us. He knows our experiences and sufferings as He suffered so we can enter into eternal life with Him. 
Thank You Jesus for Your love for me. 
I love You Lord Jesus. 
Funny isn’t it. I’m studying Leviticus and ‘The Work Of A Pastor’ in Global University from Springfield, Missouri. And in Leviticus, it’s all about atonement for our sins and here this Easter season is Jesus propitiation for our sins on the cross. 
Forgot to add along the way. I do not need the veil as I’m so covered by so much of the blood of the Lamb in all the years of being at the foot of the cross and intimacy with the broken body of Christ, Jesus,  our Lord, He has covered me with His blood. Sometimes people cannot answer my questions. So, Jesus answers them, Himself.  
I do not need a head-covering. 

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