We Make Choices Because We Know That We Know That We Know


In our home group we are going over the last words of Christ on the cross. This week it is about forgiving those who crucified Jesus. We spoke about the sin that is on the body of Christ. Our sins. But to my surprise, no one truly understands the mangled body that was crucified on the cross. In Isaiah 53, it mentions Jesus was maimed beyond the recognition of being human. In years past bible studies, we did short topical studies on the body of Jesus. When we actually study how Jesus looked we then understand the depth of our sin and how much damage our sin did to the body of Jesus on the day of His crucifixion. We also did short studies on the nature of sin and the nature of the beast. When the Roman soldiers beat Jesus to a pulp it was not God’s Spirit that did it to Jesus. It was the nature of the beast. When we learn this then we know when we spout anger or indignation or anything that is in the negative, we have in us our old nature. Not of God but of the devil. Indeed, we choose to be that person but to know where our sin originates from. Not from God and how He suffered for us on the cross makes us able to sin less. To know Scripture, not only the lovely parts but also the parts that show us ourselves in sin and the consequences. Indeed it takes exhaustive studies daily but is it all worth our while. I get devotionals daily from my Logos Bible Software and lots of others. Some are lovely and some are hard to digest but hey, what they send me, I get to learn what is sin and what is holy. Holiness and sin are at different sides of the fence. We truly get to choose. Also. Whether to be ignorant or to know. Knowing helps us to choose holiness and righteousness and not sin and eternal damnation. If you do not sink deep into the word, you cannot rise high in a holiness walk. What you think does not matter in the least, matters a lot. In God’s eyes. Indeed, you may say, if I do not know. But does one really want to be caught short. Also, the more you know, the more you are held responsible for in the eyes of God. I suppose, this is also a choice. To know less. For me, I want to know the good parts of happiness as well as what it means to not be a child of God. To sin. The battered body of Jesus shows me what sin looks like. I do not want to walk along sin’s path. I want to walk along holiness’ path. 


It is always good to thank Jesus for the cost of our salvation and to know how much pain He had to suffer. 

I want to stand before a holy God on that day and say, I tried my very best. Not. It was none of my business. We are in the business of teaching our children to be holy. To make good choices and not fear retribution from man but God. I will ever and always teach my children not only the good bits but also the bad ones so that they can make good holy choices for themselves and not be caught short in the dark places. But know and choose the holy places with Jesus. To be favored of God and not man. 

I do not want to be a baby forever nor do I want my children to be babies forever.

Leviticus 8



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