Grand-Daughters Are A Blessing From Heaven

Well, our little grand-child that is due has not arrived yet. We do not know if he is a boy or she is a girl girl. We have six grandsons presently. It would be so lovely to have a grand-daughter but then, it’s up to the Lord. It would be lovely to have a grand-daughter. She would be all sweetness and light to a mostly male dominated family at present. So, I’m going to share about what I would do if I had a grand-daughter. I’ll tell you a secret, my friend has two. Two grand-daughters. I’m green with envy. Envy is a sin by the way. It was the first topical bible study we did in our early twenties. Do not. I tell you, do not, harbor that emotion in your heart. It is a bad emotion to have. Did the study. 

When I was little I had a pony tail. It was the norm for us girls. In today’s world, there are so many things you can dress a little grand-daughter with that in my time, I could not even imagine. So I just have plain long hair. But if I had a grand-daughter, and in the years past, even as a child I would play with my mother’s friend’s daughters and put pom poms on their hair. Pony tails. French braid their hair and nowadays you can put colored beads within each french braid. O the joys of having a grand-daughter. It was just like this when I was a young girl.


Now they do it all sorts of ways with colored beads. It’s looks fun but I have no idea how to do this. 


Yet, this is only just a dream for me as I do not know whether I have a grandson, again, or a new grand-daughter. But if I were so blessed as some who have two grand-daughters now, this is what I would do with their hair and have so much fun like I did when I was little and played with my neighbor’s daughter’s hair. We were just all kids. Girls girls girls. 


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