Amazing Love

1 August 2014 the cross

Easter has always been a very deep time of reflection for me, all my life. When I bowled all year round it was  impossible to come into this place as I traveled a lot all over the world. This year is like no other year. I spend Good Friday like I did when I was a little girl with my mother, in a deep time of reflection and I wait on the Lord for His voice and vision. I am always brought back to the time when we lay down in a full days fast, hungry. At that time I could not understand why my  mother made us do this and taught us this but as I grew up, I began to understand the there is a time that we do honor Jesus in a day of fast and prayer in remembrance of what it cost Him. His life for mine. I had never felt guilty when I was unable to do this but when I was and can and is and will, I find this place a place of rest and peace. I do not know if others spend time in reflection in prayer and supplication and fasting but I do and my family does. In the end, we are all creatures of habit, are we not! What we learn when we are babies at home with our mothers, the memory stays with us, for an entire life time. It never fades. What a blessing to bring into remembrance the free gift of salvation at this awesome time of the year. 

I’m different and not ashamed to be this different. I’m one of these in the mountains all alone for all my life praying and spending time with Jesus, person. I ain’t ashamed of my calling. Used to think y’all were like me but finally realized, I’m in a very small percentage of the human race. Even for all time. I would say it is an honor to be in this place with Christ for without this place I would not see. See Christ our Lord, Himself. In His glory and in His sufferings. It is so true I have learned. God does not give you anything you are not capable of handling. I’ve learnt this from experience. I’m a seer and proud of being a seer. I see Jesus every single day of my life. Amen to this. Amen. I love to study God’s Word. Jesus is the Word after all. And it’s nice to fill my heart and brain with Scripture. It’s honorable. It’s holy really. 



It’s cool to be this person the Lord has created in me. I see things others do not, good and bad. I hear things. I know things. This is a part of the anointing since aged five and my senses are getting better as I draw closer to the Lord. I see darkness and do not venture but turn from that direction into the light. It’s all fun as you see the parting of the Red Sea and the glory of the Lord and light and Jesus, Himself and as you study Scripture. Not just read. Study. Devote all of your time to Scripture. You just live it. You just desire to be just like those in Scripture. You just live a life fully and totally for Christ and Him alone. 

Leviticus 9


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