It’s A Girl Girl


Our seventh grandchild finally arrived this afternoon. It’s a girl girl. She’s a girl. A whopping nine pounds, ten ounces. Like her bro. All her little toes are in tack. Her little fingers ready for bows and flowers in her hair. She has got hair for pretty summer flowers. Pink pink pink. She’ll be pretty in her little pink dress. If her mum allows me to dress her. The excitement has just washed both us grandparents out. We’re exhausted after being so excited. 

Thank You Lord Jesus for this beautiful addition to our family. A pretty pretty little girl girl. We love her so much as she will be brought up to be one of your one and only and close to Your heart Lord Jesus. We love You Lord for this blessing in our life. Finally, a girl girl Lord Jesus. After six grandsons, the seventh is a girl girl. Your perfect number. Bless You Lord Jesus and with this grateful heart, I thank You and praise You with every single breath I take in and out. 


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