Be Holy As I AM Holy (Leviticus)


How true do these words ring through and through through the ages. God does not change for us. We need to change for Him. Leviticus 10. He is a God who is absolute. What an amazing journey. Zap. Dead. Gone. When you approach a holy God, prepare your life. Your entire life. I’m talking right up close and personal with Jesus. Touch Him. Kiss His lips. I have ever hated the unclean things of this world since a very tender and young age. I just thought y’all were like me. 


 I follow the Word of God. Don’t stay a baby forever and look old like me. We truly are without excuse as God’s Word states it right before our very eyes if only we would not just read it but take time and study it. Word for word. I rest my entire life on Scripture. All Scripture. It may not be popular but hey, it’s certainly popular with the Lord. I’m an introvert so I take things like Scripture a bit more seriously. It sinks deep into my heart. Very very deep. I want more and more of Jesus and not just touch the surface, pass the cross and enough is enough. I make it to the other side. I want to continue and pursue Jesus until my dying breath in this earth and walk like any other day of my life with Jesus. Talking. In communion with Him. Sin is sin is sin. Dirt is dirt is dirt. God, He is an absolute. He will not change. We need to change and turn from our wicked ways. There is so much rebellion in the land of this world. I do not even want to join in in thought. Be clean. Keep clean. Thoughts and all. Live a holy life not only for appearances sakes but also in every thought and deed. Life a holy life to its fullest. Hard. No, after years of practice, it just becomes the norm. Normal. Our bodies may not be perfect at present in this world but one day it will be raised blameless and we will get a new body. But we can keep our lives and thoughts and how we live. Holy holy holy. Love the kadosh song.


Think Lee’s words ring through so strong. Do not touch anything dirty. Too hard. Study Scripture.  Have a bath. Bathe in the Word. Don’t stagnate and stay a baby forever. Grow up. This is what I tell my children all the time. Grow up boys. And my grandsons. Grow up. Make the right choices and live holy lives. It’s alright for us to say no to our kids. Do not do that. It’s dirty. Evil. Choose Jesus. The right choices or you will pay for them the rest of your lives. So easy. Do not be distracted by the things of this world. Be knowledgeable in the Word so you can discern right from wrong. Good from evil. God from .. yuk. When push comes to shove, where do you land. I land right in the middle of a book in Scripture. And find myself flat on my face, face down on holy ground. So important. Spirit and Truth. How many times does this repeated phrase needs to be said. Spirit and Truth. Hand in hand together. No one can go without the other. Otherwise there is an off balance and then …. well …… Do not ill-informed. Be diligent in the study of God’s Word. Be found in His Word in His Presence. Do not be lazy but hard-working. In His Word. 

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God still makes ways in pathways of holiness. A holy walk. I know this seems hard to grasp but in this place there is so much less to sin about. Fill your mind and heart with all God. His Word. Then there is nothing else but Jesus. Reject all that is unclean and dirty and does not conform to the Word. To God. Expel it from our presence and live a life of holiness. Is it possible. But indeed. When you know that you know that you know, you just get on with it. But then I’m an introvert. I live my entire life for Christ. For Jesus. I’m right up close and personal with Jesus. I was brought up this way. I was raised the first twelve years of my life for only Christ. No one and nothing else. Without a doubt it is far too hard for those who were not raised this way. I have come to realize this but for me. It’s easy. Back to my roots. And I smile when I say this. It makes for easy when I approach a holy God. I am welcome in His holy Presence. It’s OK. Not everyone is for this place. Do your best. Study diligently. In the Word and enjoy life to its fullest. In Christ. Him and Him alone. Pray earnestly in the Spirit and be happy. This place is not for the faint of heart. Just follow Jesus. He kept every word of the law. We just have to keep a few. Regarding a holy life style. I know y’all can do it. We bible study gals do it all the time. And the entire congregations says, amen amen and amen. We learn that words are repeated in Scripture to stress on the importance. To bring the gaze of the eyes of our hearts to them.


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