Some Of The Times I Get A Bit Fed Up

Some times I get a little fed up when …… not that I do not get noticed but get misunderstood and it’s good to speak up for myself. Hey, it’s far better to be left to get on with it. But just sometimes, even  when I’m warned to be humble in my calling, I just get reminded myself of who I am in Christ. And I just got to stand up for myself. And then just let it go. 

I have one ‘raising of the dead’. It was at at time when lots were trying. I used to laugh and wonder what it was like. After all, I thought, Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. So, He can raise anyone from the dead. Just anyone. Now, you must understand that you do not just go and find some dead bodies and just start. But some were. I find that you just rise to the occasion. Listen carefully and do as God says. So, when one is dead, they are not breathing right. Not breathing. So, from not breathing to breathing, is coming back to life right. Not for just a minute. For quiet a long time. Over an hour.

Once I went on a mission trip and we were to minister to the sick. I heard Jesus tell me to go to that place and did. We were in ICU. There were three patients. The nurses instructed us to go to the sickest one to pray for her. Her blood pressure was just forty and dropping and her family member was not happy at all. So, we took turns in the laying of the hands. When it was my turn, I lay hands on her and her blood pressure jumped up to 165. The nurses ran towards her bed and smiled and said thank you. She was fine now. I continued on and heard the Lord lead in the direction of some crying. He said to go to the crying woman. As we walked in we saw the dead body of her child. My heart sank. I’ve not encountered many dead bodies in my life and this was a child. As I looked at the child I saw above his feet that he had entered into the kingdom of God and was with Jesus so I turned my thoughts to the grieving mother and told her her child was in heaven with Jesus. She stopped crying. After that we continued walking on and went into another door which one of the ladies suggested. There was a child who was on the bed. The child’s mother was distraught. We walked up and asked what the problem was. There was a problem. So we laid hands on the child. After the first experience of the blood pressure rising to 165, I thought that it was not a good idea for me to lay hands on this tiny child who was not breathing much. But the ladies insisted and I did. To my horror I could see his heart beat profusely so I removed my hand and moved away. We left. Then I got told off that I did not follow procedure and went to places where we were not supposed to go by my team members. Sometimes, people have to grow up, I thought to myself and follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit and just do as He says. I never went on another hospital visit again. 

I personally do not think I’m to go to every hospital. I just think God will lead and my job is to obey Him.

Once in an emotional passion I raised the cross at the top of the North Pole and plunged it into the ground in a mighty big thud. And left it there. Shortly after that the earth had some movements in the earth. So I knew that I knew never to do that again. Unless asked. So, the other day I thought back to a time when I thought about plunging the sword on to the ground of the part of our church I worship in but the Lord pointed upwards. I looked up and saw the ceiling and knew that this was not a good idea either. I will never plunge the sword in the North Pole either. Sometimes I get it mighty wrong. But know that I must try and if I get it wrong, not to do it again. Unless asked.

We prophets and seers do things that no one else does. It’s in our make-up. And we do many things daily that is not the norm. Being a seer is an exciting life with the Lord. When I was young, as a very small child, when there were less people in our city, it was even better. 

So, some of the time, I get to a point where, I get very proud of my calling and say, beat me if you can. You can place before my name, Seer ………..

Again, Spirit and Truth. Study God’s Word diligently and move in the Spirit.

And then after this I just like to get on with it quietly. 

14 September 2012 prophetic-Fire


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