Jesus Is Love


In my quiet time with Jesus, the cross is ready to be lifted up. In all my years this is the most frightening and heart-breaking time. Jesus is lifted high at the right hand of our Father. This is true. Yet, when He was lifted high on the cross, the pain He had to endure. I do not think any of us can ever imagine or comprehend how much it hurt. We just know that it hurt. It hurt hard and deep. As I kneel down at the foot of the cross, not even daring to cling on tightly to the feet of Christ, as it will give Him more pain. I can only touch His feet gently with my hand and worship Jesus as God. 

It’s tough in this place of devotion with our Lord Jesus who is the Christ. It’s heart-rendering. When I was young, really really young, I was taken to the chapel daily on the way to the market to buy fresh fish. My mother and I would sit and listen to stories about the love of Christ by this one saint. Her name is Sister Alice. She truly is a saint. We are all saints of course. Through the years she would share her experiences she had with Jesus. I listened intently and from then on I started to seek Jesus. To understand. To find this place that she found with Christ. There are many stories but the most important is this of course. When she was old, her face shone. Bright as in the light. It was beaming without creases or lines. Her smile was beautiful. Her eyes shone bright. It was the first and only time we ever looked at her face. She was the same age of my mother but my mother’s wrinkles and lines were evident. But where were hers. There was none. She spent all her days with the Lord. With Jesus. A bride of Christ our Lord. Everyone’s story is different. Mine is so absolutely different it amazes me. Set apart for Christ. I can only be who I am created in Christ. I can only walk where I’m led by the Spirit. We used to sing this song as a child and a teen. Thanks to Grace Assembly Of Singapore for the reminder of this song from the days of my childhood and youth.


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