Leviticus 12 & 13


Leviticus 12 and 13, what a lesson in life. When I was a young Sunday School teacher, there was a time when the priest and a nun became good friends and we were all so happy for them. Life without a husband or wife we could only imagine could be very difficult. So we were happy. But the church has their way of disciplining them and the nun was sent to the minister to aids victims. I saw her a year and a half later and she was half her weight and her eyes were so deeply drawn. I learnt in my twenties that some things are wrong. And I kept that lesson in my heart. When I spoke to her about the priests sermon on just immorality, I wondered why he did not preach even just when you think it, you are sinning. I went up to him and mentioned it. And to the nun. That year before. So, when my husband was unfaithful to me, I left Sunday School for I did not think myself worthy to keep on teaching as his sin was my sin as well. Some years back I was exhorted, did I tell you you could get divorced. I felt so bad. I did nothing wrong. It was all the other party. I was only guilty of having fun bowling for my country. So it gets closer to home. Five to six years ago, I noticed one of our bowlers in the street walking near our church but he was across the road. He had all these rashes. Then a year later, the rashes spread. Then two years, it covered his entire body. Face and all. I had spoken to bowlers and inquired all those years and they said he had been across the border and does not come in any more to bowl. He was outside the camp. ie He was no longer welcome in the bowling alley. In Leviticus we learn about boils and scabs and rashes that spread or are healed. In Leviticus we are going to learn about sexually transmitted diseases. I will share my experience about this man. Apparently there are more from those years past who have fallen into the same trap and are paying for it. God is a God of order. His order helps us make the right choices and do the right thing all according to His ways. His ways are higher than our ways. He is an absolute God. In years past I have learnt a lot through PUP studies of Scripture. It has helped me make the right choices in my life. Thinks have not changed. The world is getting worse. The church is getting holier. I hope. I do not know. I can only know my own heart but not the heart of those whom I do not know. Jesus came to fulfill the law and He abided and kept all the laws. He is perfect and without sin. We are exhorted to be perfect as our Father in heaven is perfect. To be holy and He is holy. God is faithful. Everywhere I have walked with Him, He has looked upon me with love by leading me to the right people who have set my feet on holy ground. We are told to study Scripture book by book and I’m doing exactly as instructed by our IST and having so much fun studying Scripture. The thing is how do we teach our children this. Just tell them to go to the bible and study it. Old Testament and New and they will learn and it will be good with them. I’m looking at this from sixty years of walking with the Lord with nearly forty years of study. It’s true. Jesus is an awesome God. And I think further as the day continues, would I be able to love this guy who has all the rash or whatever all over his body. Nah. And I fail. In love. I hate sin as it says in Scripture.


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