An Increase In Territory In The Pure Bright Light Of Christ


Holy ground. I’m standing on holy ground. After Easter the Lord gave me a vision of this. Pure bright light. A larger area than before. I’ve ever been very careful where I stand and worship reaching out for a holy God. For Christ our Lord. To know my calling. My place in the huge picture of things. I have been given a much bigger, wider and larger area. An increase in territory. When we were young, ever so young as bible study girls, we prayed the prayer of Jabez, for the increase of territory. I’ve gained more territory in Christ. It is me standing in the pure bright light of Christ’s Presence. I’ve always been very careful in worship as it is Christ I seek. His Presence. Yesterday in worship the lady standing about six feet from me started to weep. I wanted so to move far away from her knowing the ground in which I stand is holy. Wider. Further. Deeper. This place is not for everyone. Seers. I’ve studied God’s Word hard and deep and used every single word to draw closer to Christ our Lord this Easter and He anointed me with more holy ground. I could not understand this as the place I walked was so hard and I dreamt about things that tried to cause me fear but I stayed the course. Not looking back nor fearing in that wilderness. I suppose you can only know what you experience. Where you’ve walked and the cross is a very hard place to hang out with Jesus. You see that white space up there. It’s pure bright white light. This is what I was shown on the Monday morning. Tears streamed down my eyes. Holy ground. Bigger wider. Holier. Higher. Deeper. In Christ. You honestly get what you hope for. Dream about. Pray about. Where you are. I have advanced higher and deeper and closer to Christ our Lord. At great cost. Time. All my time and the study of God’s Word. Leviticus guided me to this place. Be holy as I AM holy. 




Is everything alright with you all. It has been one of the best Easter’s I’ve ever had. Where I had hoped I had done. Got it done at the cross with Jesus. I’m sitting in this quiet still place in deep joy knowing that this place I should have found in my teen years with Jesus. Some take longer to get here. Some not at all. Some just do not know this place. After Easter I need a break. A time to rest and to revamp and see this summer of sunshine and laughter and joy and happiness and just rest. Rest. Rest. In the quiet still waters. With Jesus. Just looking and gazing into His face and to enjoy intimate communion with Him. Jesus this is. Talk. Just talk about things. And in all this I also need to find a balance in my life. Bible study, sitting on the amazing sights of life. The good life. Fun and laughter. Happiness and joy.


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