My Youngest Daughter


My youngest daughter went in to train this morning but it was Kids At Heart and I have been instructed not to come in.
The Lord has called three generations to worship together at His feet. Jo’s passion for the worship of Jesus is the same as both Lydia’s and mine. Here you see me still in bed but a fourteen year old practicing at 8.30 am because she is blessing Jesus and thus blessing our house. How many fourteen year olds would choose this. She belongs to the Lord. Jesus must love her a lot. So, you need to hear clearly what the Lord is saying and act upon it. I hear clearly and by her passion for Jesus I have not got it wrong. Of course every leader is looking for those who will continue in their footsteps when they are old and weary. Lydia and Jo are called of the Lord in this ministry. They love Jesus so much. Just like me.


Thank You Lord. All honor and glory is yours now and forevermore, amen.
Three generations.
Jesus is an awesome God.

Of this one He has asked, ‘That you will worship Me all the days of your life.’

Just like Lydia and me.

I will worship You Lord Jesus.
Lord, You’re beautiful. Your face is all I seek and when Your eyes are on this child ….. Thy grace abounds in Me. I want to share Your love and spread it all around.

It was in this song that I reached up with one banner in my hand and saw the nail plunged into the hand of Christ and my heart was pierced three times at each blow. I can honestly say, my heart was circumcised by the power of the Holy Spirit. But it what happened before it. I had to confess my sin before Jesus. I had this heart of unbelief that any banner could reach the heart of a holy God. Jesus. So with this heart I said that there is no way a banner could make a difference. But the face of my leader showed such love for Jesus and as I sang this song, I began to cry and cry and cry. I could not stop crying. There was nothing to cry about. My life was great. There was no sin that which I had not confessed. After all I’m from a Catholic upbringing. So, in my repentance I reached up. The rest is history. Then I felt unworthy of touching the glorified feet of Jesus as I had had such unbelief. In the end, it’s just all about Jesus. 

She is called. Just like Lydia. Let us honor Christ by honoring these whom He has called.



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