A Confession At The Changing Of The Guard


You gotta hear God clearly. You gotta do as He says and lead or it will not go well  with you. Honestly, by experience, peace will dictate this. Got this picture today in one of our chats. From Steph.


I can relate. I’m over sixty now and I feel like so much older than the rest of our population in our church. I’ve been called fat but the younger fellow does not realize how old I am and from where I have come from. He told me to go to the gym. But he does not know the meaning of gym like I do. The teens that left us a few years ago who played such loud music I had to put tissue in my ears to survive and they are still loud. I cannot relate. If you think I’m perfect, I’m far from it. When I turned thirteen, my mother brought me to my first disco at church. I danced to ‘Iron Butterfly’.

When my boys were teenagers, I joined them in their music. But when my youngest started in heavy metal with words and sounds that did not make sense, I stopped and went back to my ballads. But we must not forget Cyndi Lauper. I finished off with ‘Barbie Girl’. When my friend said it was time to stop the pops and worship instead. hahahahahahahahahahaha Then I just worshiped Jesus. hahahahahahahahahaha 

The age difference is wide now and when I look back at myself and see my past like them I feel miles and miles and miles apart now. They have a long long way to go and it’s time for me to rest. Let the kids do it. 

I heard these words from the Lord, ‘the changing of the guard’. Indeed, when you hear so clearly you got to live in obedience. It’s their turn. I’m happy just studying God’s Word and one day when they get to my age, they will feel the same like me. 

Let’s finish off as Kenny G still tops my list of my favorites. Forever in love. What a song. Enjoy. 

This confession comes with a smile.


When I decided to give up bowling in some country somewhere. So many countries that I forget. I can still see the bowling alley. Everyone of my friends left. They retired and I was left with the ladies who were miles behind me. The head of our congress flew in just before the Masters and the young ones in the other national teams did not know me. But when they saw my results they smiled. She was so angry and asked me what I had bowled. I told her my average was 197. So, she did not say anything anymore at me. But I have no idea about the rest of the team. hahahahahahahahahahaha She told me I had to bowl a 200 average in the Masters so I bowled a 210 and handed it to her and said, this should be enough. hahahahahahahahahahahaha

Enough is enough.

When you don’t get it, it’s time to stop. hahahahahahahahaha

My not so perfect past.


Just love Kenny G. 


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