Bullies Are Chickens, It’s Scientifically Proven




Think it’s good to talk about bullies. I do not know how to bully. I come from a place where life is good and I lived in a compound and my dad worked for the government and everything was free most of the time. I have a picture when we were picked by one of my friend’s dad to deliver Christmas presents as her dad was Santa. We got into a helicopter and landed in the party. Got the picture but well, such a long time ago. When we were teenagers. When my boys were young they too had it good and I was told that they are not street smart. Hey, I ain’t street smart either. The only street I played in was with all the others who were a part of the same government establishment. When my cousin’s son came to live with us for a year or so, he went down to play with the twenty to thirty other kids, from aged fourteen to just a baby in a stroller and with all the running about and screaming and yelling. Them catching each other. There was no one ever hurt. Safe. Life for me is safe. I do not want to learn those skills but I do not want to be bullied either. Bullies are chickens. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha


Today in PUP Leviticus, Kay taught that we are to forgive the sins others commit against us as Jesus paid for their sins as well. 

People are not perfect but I am not the scapegoat that is in the Old Testament that Aaron laid hands on the head of the goat to transfer their sins and then freed by letting it go in the wilderness never to be seen or thrown down a cliff. I’m not the excuse for others own failures. I have some of mine own without having to be the scapegoat for others. 

Study Scripture and know our Lord intimately. He is a forgiving God. He paid it all. 

Jesus paid the price. 



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