Today as I was spending my intimate communion with Christ Jesus He asked me to come and climb up to the mountain top with Him and we sat and our feet swung at the edge He told me His stories. 

Jesus sits me right beside Him and as our feet swing at the sides of the cliff, the view is nothing I had ever dreamed of.


See all of this, I made it by speaking it into being. My words have the creative power. I speak and it happens. We are not on the mountain top on earth but across the universes. I created all the universes and everything that exists. I AM. I exist. I AM ever present. I have no beginning and no end. There is no limit to the love I have for you in my heart. It is forever. Endless. You are my child and my bride. I chose you before the foundations of the earth. You are only here because I brought you here and I decided to share all of this with you. There is no one higher or better than me. I AM. I remember you from the day I formed you and before when I thought of you and all of your life until eternity with me. I AM. I have shared with you my entire life story and you have loved me through it all though I chose that you should. You may have chosen to obey me and delight in me but it is all me. Nothing is of you. You are just a part of my big plan. 

As our feet swing I believe. 

Let us not forget to love one another as God loves us. Daily and constantly. Love is from God and is God. Be diligent in the study of the Word and live in the Spirit. Worship Jesus and bask and live in His love and give out His love to those around you. 



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