O Lord Jesus ………


O Lord Jesus, it’s so berry berry good Lord Jesus that You have picked me from before any of this world was as You are of no beginning and no end and yet You look upon this person, me, little ole me and give my Your heart, Lord. 

I look up at His eyes and stroke His cheeks and play with His hair. His baby browns like me and His brown hair like mine own.

You truly have beautiful bright shining eyes. Eyes that can pierce if one’s heart is not of Yours, pure and clean. O Lord Jesus, why have you submerged me into Thine own. Why? Why? Why? What is the reason for this that I have been chosen to be in this place with You Lord Jesus? And has anyone else been here with You in this way as well Lord Jesus? 

You have taken me and set me on the Rock, this is You Lord Jesus. It must be our Father’s will that this must be and how did He choose me? 

This conversation with Jesus could go on for all eternity as as my friend who pastors our Sunday School says, you can talk. I could write a book on the conversations that I have with Jesus. But then ….. I would not have the time to do anything else. Time time time is not enough in twenty-four hours to spend with the Lord as He does not count time. Only we have as we are flesh on this earth. 

I found these lovely prophetic art pictures yesterday and just love them. These are amazing. I hope you enjoy them as I will do as I write my stories about Jesus and me. 

I’m a seer, you see.


So I’m walking into the higher and brighter places in heaven.



Love these and let us continue to love one another and share your love with each other lovingly and not use rude nor harsh words on each other to hurt each other as it’s not godly. Try your best and after a while it will be second nature. Never give up loving one another. It is a command. 



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