I’ve Come A Long Long Way In This Journey Called Life



And so, what happens next is something that has happened but something I would never have imagined that would happen with Jesus. We are still sitting and talking. In communion. And as I look down down down I ask my Lord and Savior, ‘Lord Jesus, but how are they going to get here? How are they? Just how are they going to get right up here with You Lord Jesus?’ 

His voice is silent. He does not speak and then, He says, ‘I AM the Word!’

And I get it. I really get it.  I truly really honestly get. 

Study the Word church!!!

The cool gentle breeze of the Holy Spirit hovers around us and I feel His gentle holy touch on my face and arms. I look, but I see nothing. And then I smile.

Sometimes, women do not have a voice because they are not brave enough to speak up when they are hurting. I’m their voice until they find the courage to express their pain. I feel their pain. It’s called ❤


 I’ve been taught to ask questions and seek what I need and want. When we were in a meeting with the team once, our Aussie coach, Eric talked about ways to improve our game and then he opened the room for questions. Only I asked questions, much to the horror of my team mates who asked me to be quiet and silent. Eric corrected them immediately. ‘You do not have any questions because you do not know what to ask. You do not see what is the way forward.  Asking questions is a form of intelligence. She needs answers. You should be needing answers unless you do not want to improve yourself and your game. Do you win the gold in every single championship? If not, ask.’

My team stood corrected that night at our team practice. 

Let us continue to ❤ one another as God loves us. Encouraging each other and lifting up one another so that each is truly loved and happy in this world which we are still in. One pinky toe for me. hahahahahahahahahaha


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