I Am Crucified With Christ

2011 bible study


The truth is, we don’t ever have to go it alone. Christ our Lord is ever present with us. This is the truth. Jesus the truth. Jesus is the Word. When I was young young young I had to crawl on my hands and feet to find my way to Jesus. Then when I found Him, I stood and walked. Now, He says to me, ‘Climb up on ME and I will get you to ME. I’ll carry you and guide you to MYSELF.’

We are all different. We are all so different that even if we do the same things, it does not mean we are the same. Sharleen had to bring food along with them so they could eat the food that they are allowed to. Susan could not speak a word of English and I could not speak a word of Taiwanese. But on the lanes when the tough get going, who ever was ahead, we had an unspoken deal. We stood back if the one ahead of us was our friend. Two steps and she led in her rhythm so she could win, and never looked at each other. We all pumped weights. It hurt bad. We all bled. But went on. To win, bleeding. Those days taught me to be tough. To cry at my failures. To get up and do better the next time and not look back. It taught me that even if we are different, we could still be friends across fences that separated the nations. It taught me to get along. Even when we really could not understand each other. Would our world be a better place if as ambassadors of our countries we all just got along!!! Even though, we are so different. 

Even as a christian.


Let us not forget this very important commandment to ❤ one another. Jesus loves each and every one of us as individuals created in His image though we may not understand each other, we do know this. Jesus is God. HE is Lord. Let us respect one another as one of a kind. I’m standing up for women that hurt but do not know how to cry out. Their pain is deep. Though we are all broken like the bandages that hold our hearts together, ultimately, it is Jesus who makes us complete in Him and Him alone. Be kind to one another. It does not cost us to be kind and loving to one another. 


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