Blessed Be Your Glorious Name Lord Jesus

22 March 2013 Alpha and Omega

It’s been a very sensitive time studying the Old Testament of Leviticus. It is advised that every pastor studies a book in Scripture and I was led by the Spirit to Leviticus. I’m taking a Global University Biblical Theology  BA Degree and in ‘The Work Of A Pastor’ we are all advised as pastors to study Scripture and I followed the instructions. 

Leviticus is so touching as it’s all about the Presence of the LORD in a time when I saw visions at the bottom of Mount Sinai fifteen years ago, or more. Danced with Israel. A part of the parting of the Red Sea. The thing is this. I do believe that those signs and wonders will happen again. Not just in the Spirit realm. The fire of God’s Presence will fall. 

I saw the Shema on You Tube last night and I was so touched that at the Western Wall, Hashem is still being sought and yet, Jesus is right there in their midst. He is right there among His people. His  peculiar people whom He has made that way. 

And all I can hear is this song and sing in agreement.

Yes, Lord Jesus, blessed be Your Name Lord Jesus. 


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