I Danced With Jesus In His Light Tonight

It was so funny when our female lead burst out into laughter in this song at practice. 

I ❤ this worship song to Jesus. I sing it to Jesus.


To my surprise when we were having intimate time with Jesus ……. 

Let me tell about worship first. The Holy Spirit and I played and I danced with Jesus. It was lovely and the Holy Spirit was all over covering me and then I just danced with Jesus not knowing where to go or how to stop the prodding of the Holy Spirit. 

I love this worship song as all I really want is the intimacy with Christ and Him alone and the Holy Spirit. I do not think I dare to dance with my Father in heaven. Yet. O but perhaps, later. 

So then in all of this there is lots of fire around. So as I sit in the midst of the fire, I start to see myself dance with Jesus. And we dance. But we are in the pure bright light and Stephen our worship leader from Bethel is singing a love song to Jesus. 

So, we just keep on dancing in the light, Christ and me. 

Lots of visions tonight. Lots lots lots. But I would be here like forever as I need to get on with Leviticus 26 or I will not know what is happening when Christine leads us on Thursday for our last Levitucus Precept Upon Precept lesson. So, gotta get on with Levitucus 26, like now now now. At once. Immediately. 


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