Be Still

Psalm 46:9 (ESV)
“Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!”

Have you all slowed it all down to a total grounding halt. I have. The last two weeks. Totally and absolutely and the view is amazing ………………..


In this hustle and bustle non-stop go go go world, it’s difficult to hear God’s still and clear voice. To see His heart. To know Him deeper and more intimately. To receive but shades of who He really is. Christ our Lord this is. Our Lord, this is. 

O, the apostles were too pierced in their hearts in the deepest depths of their hearts when they saw their closest and most intimate friend Christ our Lord’s life ended. The man whom they threw everything away to follow Him and the stories and dreams they had that were His and His alone. But none of this happened. For in the end, it was all for eternal purposes. Not of this world. They finally understood as the Holy Spirit filled them and empowered them to finally understand what Jesus had been talking about all along. Can you just imagine. Then Paul came along. A persecutor of the faith and he was just as called as they were though they were with Him and Paul only encountered Christ on his way to Damascus. 

How unfair the apostles must have felt. They had been with Jesus then this persecutor comes and he knows Jesus just as much as they do but more. The gospel is brought out to the nations.

Are we still not in this place. Truly. Per-say. Do we still not have our own little hub and ………. I’m not the one to talk. I love my own company. I’m an introvert.

Gosh, when I saw Moses staff, I was reminded of my sword. Same same. Got to remember not to plunge it into the ground aimlessly. Just anywhere without thinking. The ramifications are earth shattering. 

I truly and honestly have taken an interest of the earth and what pertains to it. Do you know that there is not much between us and the centre core. We must beware. We can blow ourselves up just like that you know and the end is truly nigh for us. hahahahahahahahaha So I ain’t gonna plunge this here sword downwards unless called for. Gosh, we have to respect the ground we have been given by the Lord that we stand on. 

I sometimes wonder and hope we do not destroy ourselves out of sheer stupidity. hahahahahahahahaha Lack of geographical knowledge. hahahahahahahaha

You gotta laugh. Life is short. We’ve only been given a whisp of  time to make a difference in this world that has forsaken the Lord. Just a flicker. O dear me. So much unsound doctrine is swishing around these days. 

Stick close to Scripture. 

Eat it. 

Used to wonder what the manna tasted like to eat. Then I realized, the word is the manna that which we eat daily.

Study God’s word diligently. Daily. With great enthusiasm. Confidence. With love and devotion. 

Do you all not know how important it is to love. 

Love comes from God as God is love and to be reminded that our Father gave up His one and only Son. His life for ours.

So John eats the scroll and it’s bitter. When we eat of the word and find that we are living up to the standards of the word does it not give us a bitter taste in our mouth. An unsavory taste. 


At that point, do as the word says. Abide in it. Abide in Christ.

We have a map.

The word. Scripture.

Use it. Obey it. Do it. Live it.

Do not discard it in the junk-pile of our minds.

Get real. Not false.


The Lord, He is refreshing.

Joshua 24:15b (ESV)
But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”





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