God Is Good All The Time


We had a discussion on our cruise on our dining table. The gentleman started to argue the point that Jesus did not die and he told us to look things up like this on google and to check out all the other books that are not in the cannon. Things that Jesus was not very nice as a child. 

I just told him I only use Scripture. Final. 

He continued but I stood my ground. No other books that are not in the Canon. I did not argue about the wrong doctrine. Was there any point!!!

When I read in our Global University IST that we are to study one book of Scripture at a time, I started to join a Precept Upon Precept bible study. I asked the Lord but why Leviticus though I did so want to study the book. It just seemed pretty hard. In September we are doing Numbers. Why Numbers Lord. 

Today He answered me after answering me during the cruise. 

When I started Leviticus, I had asked Janet for the answer book but her prompt reply was, ‘Just Scripture. There is no answer book.’ 

Life is tough. 

I have been blessed throughout the years of being discipled and disciplined in just Scripture. Most importantly, the main points. The important parts to build a solid foundation.

Today in Sunday School we taught on John 1:1-4. One of my favourite books years back and I translated just about the first four chapters back to its original Greek. Then read all the commentaries on it. So, the teens can teach it. They know what it means. 

I have no complaints. Life is good as God is good all the time. 

download (1)

Think our Sunday School song says it all about Jesus.

We shared how a good marriage parallels with our intimacy with Christ our Lord in our Home Group last Friday night. When we learn to love our husbands intimately, we thus learn to love Jesus intimately as well. 


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