How important it is to live in line with Scripture and Scripture be totally and fully a part of our everyday lives. This is a fact. What goes in, finally finds its way into our hearts and from our hearts our mouth speaks. All the answers we will ever need is found in Scripture. God’s ways are higher than our ways. His ways are righteous and just. He teaches us to walk upright in His statutes and ordinances. It will be well with us when we live out Scripture. When we choose the Lord and  not the ungodly things of this world, darkness. Light verses darkness. When we sink in deep and bury ourselves in Scripture, we are spending intimate time with Christ our Lord. He is the Word. Jesus, the Christ is the Word of God. His story is for all eternity with Him in His kingdom. 

You will find in your life the kairos moments that connects the dots in your lives that draws you deeply and intimately to Christ our Lord. Circumstances hinder our walk at moments in time but as in Daniel when Michael was detained for twenty-one days before he could come and tell Daniel his prayer had been answered. So it is in our lives. The important thing is to get here. One step at a time. One day at a time. Most importantly to live out Scripture in those one days and one steps. At a time. Patience.

One of the same kind.
Genesis 1



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