Staying In The One Spot

Matthew 28:20

teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”



In this quick fix, change change world, everyone is trying everything out once. Maybe twice or thrice. But in time, as the change change gets into the system, people are running around doing different things all the time. There is no constant. There is no one thing. There are lots and lots and lots of stuff here and there and everywhere. So much that the one thing that is most important, the Lord is even lost in the frenzy of the desire of doing it all. 

I was in the Elite Athletes Association Twentieth Annual Dinner the other night. We are all elite athletes in our sport and the lady went round with this post. ‘Be quiet!!!’ I laughed. Did she not know that to be an elite athlete we hardly ever get to talk because we are so focused on the sport we gave fallen in love with. Totally. So at this gathering, where we are all the same, it’s good to meet and talk about the times we met in some far off country when we were competing, just to say hello as even then there was no time to talk. hahahahahahahaha

Everyone is changing everything. People come and go. Even in their hearts. 

images (1)

You can say that I’ve finally got this love thing. Again. hahahahahahaha Actually, I actually had it all the time. Just wanted to play. 

O Lord, why numbers. I will learn something from Numbers. Life is tough. hahahahahahahaha

Go there, come here. Do this. Then that. No, something else completely new. So yes, people have it all. Like there is no end to the all you can learn about and see and do and go to and be there, there, there, there, ……….. and so it goes on. In the end, lots lots lots lots of everything. All things. 

In elite sport we focus on the details of the sport to enhance it. We talk about the most minute things. Unseen by others this is why we are at the ranking we are at. Things others do not see as well, they are trying to do so many so many other things instead. Change the coach. The friend. The husband. The boyfriend. No staying power. In the end that so small detail gets the win win. A slight change of a part of the body that is not visible to the eye. A couple of degrees in the angle on a part of the body which you have not ever tried to deliver the goods and the result is astounding. Attention to the small details can only be found when you’ve been at it for decades and decades and decades. 

This is why marriages are at its best after decades. When you know everything about you husband. Your love for your husband is deep. Deeper than the deepest ocean. Sadly, even today no one has staying power in marriages as well. They change husbands like the love of food. 


We have a confused world out there. Let’s not bring the confusion into our lives by not being consistent. Consistency will only and ever be found in the Word. The Word of God. Christ our Lord. Jesus is the Word. 


Jesus is beautiful at this mountain top!!!

Isaiah 558–9 [widescreen]


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