Life Is Exceptionally Good


Life is good. Life is perfect. Life is wonderful. Life is Jesus Jesus Jesus. We are moving so we are cleaning up the new place and packing boxes. Again. It’s kinda exciting as I just wait upon the Lord to see what He is going to do and what He is going to say and how He is going to work things out for me. Love it. The revealing of His plans and His will in my life. Think these last couple of weeks has been amazing seeing the love that Jesus has for me. It’s all Jesus. Just all Jesus and I just respond to Jesus’ love. 

Live life totally Scriptural. Study the Word and do all that it says. Make the right choices and do not turn to the left nor the right and walk with our eyes totally and absolutely fixed on Christ our Lord. In His light. Covered by His blood. 

And and and, enjoy the journey. It’s exiting and not boring. It’s full of the goodness of life and not of this world. It’s heavenly and nothing that’s about the all the things around me though they are. It’s all about His kingdom come and not about me. I’m just His empty vessel and just a part of His will. 



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