Indeed Jesus has stolen my heart and captivated it from a very tender age of five. I was amazed how much I knew about who God is. The journey has only been about how to find much much more about who my God is. Nothing more and nothing less. I’m so blessed to know that Scripture is the way to my Father’s heart. In it, holds all I will ever need to know about Him and from there the deep things, the secret things, the Spirit things, are visible in the invisible. Known in the unknown. Not of this world but in the Spirit.
When I awoke this morning, Jesus was singing this song to me. Or is it the Holy Spirit. Well, the Godhead three in One. Being a seer has its advantages. Hearing and seeing are the easiest part and it surely does help to walk along the narrow gate. The ways of the Lord are higher. Obedience is not for the faint of heart. Abiding in obedience to the Word of God is not for the weak. It takes courage and perseverance and endurance and belief deeply sunk in the heart. Love is the most important part of knowing the Lord. To love Him deeply. Only then are you able to love yourself and others. In God’s way. But I love to spend my days just loving Jesus. I suppose we all have our own calling and the things we are good at. I love to write about the things of the Lord and stuff that have happened in my life. I love to spend time alone with the Lord and my husband in the safety of my home. All the good things come from the Lord and to know Him deeply and more and more and more is the desire of my heart. It has always been. Though it was at five that I came into realization about this after knowing that the nun loved God so much. I just knew only my Father could have revealed this to me. I was surprised and shocked. But I said not a word. We are just all so different. So very different. Or is it that I’m different. Probably.

You know, this song about Jesus knowing me just came into my heart as we were packing boxes and I had just sat down for a quiet moment and this song came to mind by the Spirit and and and I started dancing with Jesus and He swung me swirling across the universes and time and then I said, ‘Lord Jesus, even if I spend all time dancing with You in a moment like this one, it would still not be enough for me. I would want to dance with You like this for all time, endlessly, forevermore.’ And I was shocked by what I had said to Jesus. Or is it that He puts these thoughts into my heart and my spirit and I just say them or is it that He says them to me. I just prophesy them. Indeed, He knows me.
I fell down from a two and a half feet window ledge but praise the Lord I had a box of clothes and threw it in front of me and fell onto the box. hahahahahahaha Then I was reminded that my mother sent me to Judo lessons as a young teen so I could protect myself. hahahahahaha In those lessons we learn now to fall and I still remember how to fall. Safely. hahahahahahahaha
Our God, He is an amazing God. He takes care of our every moment.
Not a scratch nor pain. Just the muscle pain from packing boxes.
I have to admit that life is berry berry good for me.


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