The Power Of Christ In Me


The power of Christ that lives in us. Acts 2. I do suppose it does take decades and decades to attain maturity in Christ Jesus our Lord.
I woke up with this song in my heart and inquired of the Lord His words for me today. And revealed to me what He has been leading me along the past year or so. What are months and years in the Lord. There is no time with Christ. He is timeless as He has no beginning and no end not like man. A beginning but life in eternity with Christ forevermore. I do suppose those who are not deeply in love with Jesus ……. well. The desire of my heart is to spend all eternity right up close and personal and intimate with Jesus in the inner court. In the front. First row. No one in front of me.
So I get back to what Jesus has been talking about all along. The power that raised Him from the dead lives within me. The sword granted as a gift is equivalent to Moses’ staff. I shall not be welding it hap hazard lay, do you mot think.


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