So I hear the words. ‘can it be’ so I look it up and viola.


Just bought a folder and some stickers of flowers for my Hosea study tonight.
So inspired by Dayspring’s stickers for Scripture. But with all the reading and breaking down of the chapters into small titled divisions, I’ve no time to colour my observation worksheet beautiful. But O perhaps in the passion of the word, I may just just just colour it beautiful and buy more stickers to glorify the Lord creatively.



Was able to pick up some colourful tape for my observation worksheet and I shall check my colour pens. Black for sin. Brown for the world. Blue for the Lord. Pink for Jesus. Red for God’s anger and wrath. Purple ????
Think Hosea is going to be colourful.
Paint my life Lord in Your word O Lord Jesus.
This is what happens when you find all your studies in the box you packed. I’m so blessed to just have all bible studies. And an overview of a counselling course.
I’m so blessed blessed blessed.
Let my summer studies begin today!!!
When it becomes increasingly probable that a two to three hour study of the word of God that endures forever is about to begin. The excitement within.
Let the deep deep work the Lord is going to do in my heart begin.
Wonder why his wife has a Portuguese name. Gomer.
This can only get better!!!
Fun and laughter and delight comes to His people all in the same way.
Delight in the study of His word. With four other books, plus my ESV, Net Bible, Faithlife Study Bible, my Exegetical Guide and Lang’s. I can add one more ….
A little distraction.
 Not forgetting my hearts as well. Shocking pink ones at that.

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