Hosea 7

Hosea 7 has been such an adventure for me. You see, my gift of love from the LORD first is my Father in heaven. As a child and all throughout my life until my earthly father died, we had a very intimate and close relationship of conversations throughout my life. We talked. He told me how he felt and his sadness and happiness. Thus it was very easy for me to have this very intimate relationship with God our Father. I would talk and chat to Him always. 

In Hosea 7, I see how much our Father loves Israel, the Northern Kingdom no matter how bad they have been. Though they just turn away and do everything that is bad, all I see at the end of Chapter 7 is God’s love no matter what and how His very heart is broken by their disobedience. Though I may not be disobedient like they have been, I still have woken up after all these thoughts about the chapter and how much my Father loves me so much. So berry berry much.  Just so berry. 

O Father, I do confess my sin of rejecting your offer to me when I was twelve and that I gave it all up but still as in Hosea 7, You kept me within Your sanctuary as You had said You would and though I had no idea what You were talking about, this obstinate child, You held so dear to Your heart in Your Son. For all these years I have been looking for You and find You right here in Hosea 7. How much Your love for us, Your chosen people. You never forsake us nor leave us. Thank You dear dear Father. For keeping me so close to You. So close that I was so unaware You have been here all along. And I thought that the only way was through Your Son. But then it is, is it not. 


How much is Your love for me. I see it in Hosea 7. No matter what You are involved in every single area of my life ever since. Thank You Father. Thank You Father for choosing me to see Your Son’s sacrifice for the salvation of all mankind to those who believe. Thank You for Your strength in me to be the person that I am and have become along life’s long journey of life. There is still so much to do along the way and each and every single day I hope deep in my heart that Father You will design my every step accordingly to Your will and Your ways. I will study Scripture until the day I see You Face to face. I will work hard at it and read and read and read though my eyes be so very tired.


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