Hosea 9

9:17 My God will reject them,
for they have not obeyed him;
so they will be fugitives among the nations.
Biblical Studies Press. (2005). The NET Bible First Edition; Bible. English. NET Bible.; The NET Bible (Ho 9:17). Biblical Studies Press.

Hosea 9, the outcome of sin. This pertains to us till today. The Old Testament is not some long time ago book that was and is not more. It still pertains to our day as we live out our salvation with fear and trembling. Though we are saved by grace, there are responsibilities. I could be ungracious and only care for myself and do nothing for others and be self – centred and ill – mannered. But I want to be a God – centred child of God. A bride of Christ. My Father’s daughter. 

The Lord brought to mind this picture where for years and years and nights I have spent in the glory of His Word. The Word is Jesus. Jesus is a person. The Word is a person. I have spent most of my life in this position. Searching Scriptures for truth. Truth is the person of Jesus Christ our Lord. I’ve been blessed to be equipped since my twenties in the Word of God. To search who our God is in His Word and just not wait for a revelation without the Word. 


This is the prayer of the saints for me and as they pray for me and lay hands and surround me with the LORD’s presence and blessing me with His Word and anoint me with the oils of the Holy Spirit, I saw this picture.

It’s truly a fight of faith of perseverance and endurance till the very end. There are consequences to sin. A walk of faith along life’s long journey on the narrow gate. 

I’m dancing here in the love of Christ Jesus our Lord. 

My husband and I got adopted by this elderly group who live in the area. They are all on welfare. All a part of God’s love for mankind. They are all temple worshipers and know we love Jesus and our church is just around the corner.  


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