Fun In Bible Study


So here I was last night doing all the cross-references on Day 4 of my PUP study of Hosea and I read everything. But in the end what I get after all of this is the love of God. Our Father’s love for us. Through His Son, Christ our Lord. Interesting right. 

Strange isn’t it. In all the desolation all I find is this place of absolute bliss and love for the LORD. My Father, His Son and the Holy Spirit. 

Yesterday I was with my friend having lunch and we found all this tape. The tape I use for my observation worksheets. I recall before I started my study I asked the Lord to fill my life with colour but am so surprised how He has done so. He has got me to colour my bible with strips and strips of colour all over it, no matter what the content is. 

So I reflected and sought the LORD for answers and HE said, ‘I colour Your life with MY love.’

Now if you are doing Hosea and all the desolation and sin content, you could be filled with fear and dread of God’s punishment but for me, I am found in the very heart of God. The love of my Father’s love for me. What an honorable place to be found in Christ Jesus our LORD, do you not think. For no one can know the path you will walk till you walk it but if you are determined to walk the holy path. The high ways of the Lord. Deep in the very core of Scripture, which is deep in the very heart of the LORD. Then amazing things happen in this journey called life. Truly an arduous one. 




See what I have found. More options to colour the pages of my observation worsheets with the colours that the LORD created for us to enjoy in this life. Tonight I will fill Hosea 10 with His love for me. God’s very heart for me. He has coloured my life beautiful. 

❤ ❤ ❤


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