Naughty Naughty Children

Right for some reason my Facebook has been blocking my family members. Only just found out after the family members are unable to see my posts since December of last year. Hopefully after a month of trying this will be resolved. Also, anything I post could only be seen by my good self and it was set at the ‘only me’ button. It has taken one long month and hopefully my family and friends will be able to see the posts I put on my wall.
I did not block them nor set it at ‘only me’. Though I have tried to set it at the ‘my friends’ button it always sets back to the ‘only me’ button.
Not good right. Crazy. Someone is crazy crazy crazy but not me. hahahahahahahahaha
Think I’ve been hacked.
I love my own company as an introvert but I do feel a bit chuffed at being at the ‘only me’ setting when there’s a whole load of family and friends in my friends lists.
Who ever has hyjacked my Facebook needs not only a good telling off but a darn good spanking.
Bad children. Behave yourselves. Smack smack smack.
Imagine my horror that my own family names are in the blocked list.
Smack smack smack.
No wonder I get a few weird glances lately.
All is well.
Naughty naughty children. Grow up and behave yourselves.
Spanking spanking spanking.
Naughty children need a good hiding when they are obtuse and obstinate and difficult and weird.
Bad children bad bad children.
From this grandmama.
Family and friends are family and friends and the bond is close and dear to the heart.
Naughty naughty children. From now on grow up.

Aghast with horror.


In all of this praise the LORD and continue on on Hosea 13. Good study of the Word of God. We all need and love Jesus because He loved us first and gave His life for us so we can have life eternal. 


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