We Are To Be Light In A Dark World

Where am I is most amazing. Past the universes unto the LIGHT of Christ. There be no darkness in HIS Light. Christ Jesus our LORD. Actually, I’ve been threatening to come to this place a long long time ago but things happened and though I looked on, I kinda got taken into other stuff. 

A most peaceful place to be. Far far far from the maddening crowd. I actually desire in my heart to know more about the thousand year reign of the LORD and beyond. Eternity. The timeline from onward the millennium reign and beyond. 

Left behind is all the theology and doctrine issues that really we could go round and round forever and ever but alas. It will only be revealed in the second coming.

I’m hemmed in. Hewn to the ROCK of my salvation. Christ Jesus our LORD like those before me. Solidly and totally and absolutely hewn and hemmed in. I was brought to the place where my feet were down, half-way, knee deep inside the ROCK of my salvation. The unmovable, unshakable ROCK. Christ Jesus. A gift from my Father for my obedience. And on this ROCK, I am able to stand firm and not shake nor waver. In my heart.


Are you perpetually sitting under the glory of the LORD. I am. There is no end to the glory of the LORD. I’m in this place. There is peace and joy and the unending presence of our LORD, Jesus who is the Christ. Lest you do not know of whom I am talking about.  

Let us discuss the difference between darkness and light. The world is full of darkness. Everything is dark for the world is of the evil one. Though we just be a little light in a very dark world, you have to understand this. Do not let the darkness spread so that all around you is darkness. Darkness takes with you darkness. If you walk around it, you become a part of it. Do not be haphazard with your life and things around you. Take responsibility to what is around you lest darkness is more comfort than light. Is this what you are comfortable with. And if so, what do you think this place represents. A simple deduction. You do not have to be Sherlock to work this one out. It’s so easy. Are you walking along this path. What are you trying to hide. 


Jesus is the LIGHT. Nothing is hidden in God’s eyes. Not ever.



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