Study The Word Diligently


Isaiah 40:8
8 The grass withers, the flower fades,
but the word of our God will stand forever.

Been spending a lot of our afternoons with the elderly of my street. Their average age is nearly eighty. I learnt to do this from my friend. They have accepted me into their group though both my husband and I are not like them. We listen to their stories. Their lives. Their ups and downs. Some are in wheelchairs. Some are nearing ninety. To patiently sit and learn about those on our street is an experience and to be accepted into their group is a wonder. As one was wheeled off today, she waved and said, ‘See you tomorrow.’ I was shocked. She meant it. She is eighty-four. She broke her hip when she fell and has not been able to walk for a year. She had a dreadful cold the other day but she is so much better now. They tell me that death can be any time in their age. Here today and gone tomorrow. They know I believe in Jesus and love Him and serve in our church. They are idol worshipers. Yet, they say to me every time we meet, ‘See you here tomorrow.’ hahahahahahaha Our God HE is an amazing God. HE knows their future and their hearts. They like us. Truly. I have been taught to bond into the community. It really works. hahahahahahahahaha Touch lives. Touch hearts. People who made our city what it is today. The poor. Touch their hearts for Jesus. They are in pain some of them. The said, ‘We may be here today but just as easy to be gone tomorrow.’ And they talk on and on and on about their lives and their children and grandchildren. I join in and they accept me in their ring of friendships from way back. Sometimes it does get a bit noisy as some are deaf. hahahahahahahaha Some just scream as they speak but hey, old age here. We all get there. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Only God knows. 




I don’t need to go far to serve my community. Just downstairs will do us. hahahahahahahaha You gotta laugh as Jesus has a great sense of humour as long as you are available to be used by Him. 


Only God knows what is going to happen here with these elderly ladies. As time goes by some will be gone, this is fact. I laugh as I have become so much like the one who teaches me. I was taking my lunch to my seat last week and this very dirty man who was outdoors sleeping all week during the rain and I wanted to hand him my lunch. hahahahahahahaha But he sped by so fast. And then I thought, I should have offered my lunch to him faster. Right. 


Though my husband would have said to me, ‘Why did you do that?’ I would have replied,’He looked hungry and well, I had this nudge in my heart when I saw him all wet and dirty like he has not washed for like a month.’

A smile and a well done.



Faith without works is dead. 


Unconditional love.


We have nothing better to do. Nothing to do at all by God’s grace.


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