To Know God

From a very young age either ‘The Imitation Of Christ’ was read to me or I read it during the times I got taken out of normal class and till this day I see the classroom door from which I entered and the nun sitting on her chair. I do remember another girl sitting in the room but then it ended up just me. I was the only one left. 

It’s terrible the thought I had a couple of days ago. I made the wrong choice at twelve. Then I would be safe and sound away from the world. Just with Christ our LORD. In His Presence. But then in my heart, not know why I choose what I choose on that day when I looked up to the sky in being obtuse as I did not want to be locked up. But as I see myself today, I am no different from before that day. There is no confusion as if I were not after my own heart and my own will then the world would not see Jesus in a way they see Him now. God’s will and His ways, we may not understand but as long as I’m living a holy life and not seeking the ways of the world but just Christ and HIM alone, then, it will be alright when I see HIM Face to face. 

I look into my hands and just see a few grains of rice. Just a few. Just a morsel. 

Does the LORD protect HIS cherished and loved possession to such an extent that His Presence goes with them all throughout their lives. Yes, HE does. 

I truly want to learn all about the Millennium and Eternity with Christ our LORD. Time lines and word pictures with pictures. 

I got a vision just like that today. The floor paved with pure bright white light. Where it is I do not know. Then the still sea of glass. Not a flicker. Not a movement. 

For is it that when we are still still still as still as can be we do know know know in our hearts that HE is God. Separated from the world totally and absolutely and most definitely His and His alone. Christ our LORD. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. 

I need to find more pictures to show you what I have seen. I am to journal all the visions and dreams but it’s impossible as God is so fast and I’m but a mere human being. Limited by the confines of this world. In this time. God is so big. It’s true. Just used to think He was just a bit bigger but now I realize that HE is mightier and greater and bigger than we could ever imagine. 

Have you all felt the power of God. The Holy Spirit. I did. And then I understood about the opening of the bowls. Revelation 16. Just to know the power of God is something no mind nor man could ever imagine but when God shows up and displays His power. 

We will all be fine in heaven. Just want to know about eternity and the millennium. Is this just too much to ask. Surely it is my turn. 


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