Been Watching The Olympics

I woke up this morning and the heavens were singing to me. When I go to bed the heavens are singing to me. All day long the heavens are singing to me. All night long the heavens are singing to me. What a blessing. 

Fight the good fight of faith and obey the Word of God. Jesus is the Word. 

All would have been watching the Olympics and the sports. We have been watching the swimming events and the gymnastics events. It runs all day long and repeats as well. It’s so sad our sport is not there till now. I wonder about those who watch others compete but we get left out. When I was bowling and winning medals this young thirteen year old bowled in his first tournament and  now he is one of the coaches in our congress. He is using his creativeness to enhance his bowlers to perform. What a sunken heart that we are not up there trying for the gold. He is encouraging his team to practice. 

I bowled with two of our church members. Not bowled in years. I just coach. Got that ball right in the pocket still. Crazy. Sometimes I get this absolute fear when I see it just go right to the pocket all by itself. I just use my starting stance and do the same thing like I did when I was bowling in tournaments and kaboom. Frightening. Absolutely frightening. I only asked for five strikes in the middle of my game. And I got it. It used to appear up there. To be honest the other day when I bowled I did not see a thing. Not a thing and it went straight to the pocket. The first shot was spot on. All I see it the end result. Nothing else. This is elite sport. 

The team was complaining that they have to practice I suppose. Of course they have to. Motor memory. Even if you shut your eyes, you can hit the head pin and pick up your spare. All by motor memory. But first I suppose you gotta have the talent to even start with in a sport. Self exile when I bowled. hahahahahahahaha If you don’t put the hours in, there is no result. But then, if you are not talented in that area of the sport, it ain’t ever gonna happen. No matter how hard you try. This is a fact. 


I’m just so glad the LORD has gifted me with Jesus things. Bible things. God things. A focused life on the LORD though there were valleys and difficulties. Still still still the LORD sent those who set me on the right track and taught me Scripture. Taught me how to study Scripture by myself. Teachers. I look for teachers of Scripture like I did coaches.

My coaches told me no matter how much technique they taught me. And they taught me their all. And more. That if there was not the champion in me, there was no way I would get there. They did not know how to train a champion as it comes from the heart. 

I have sought teachers of the Word so that I may seek the LORD. Seek HIS Face. Seek His presence. 

Do you all get all this praising of the LORD all day and night no matter what. I do. It’s like I’m just at the throne room day and night and night and day and I just join in the singing. Humming and dancing. 

❤ ❤ ❤

I cannot believe I have two daughters. Two of them that worship the LORD with all of their hearts and mind and strength.


I’ve been fascinated by the water in the pool in Rio. Mesmerized by the water. Our TV is in HD so it really shows up well. Sometimes when I get lost in the moment, I want to reach out just to touch the water. The water is clear like the Holy Spirit. Spent one summer in the pool just spending time with the Holy Spirit. It was wonderful. Loved it. 


One summer I spent hours and hours and hours in the pool playing with the Holy Spirit. When I saw the pool and the swimmers in the pool it reminded me of how wonderful it is to be totally surrounded by the Holy Spirit, the seal of our salvation. I spent time with the Holy Spirit in thankfulness, I did. And still do. 


Hey, they sway like I do in the Spirit. 




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