Watched The Gymnastics Early This Morning

Stayed up to watch the gymnastics. It was lovely. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Worth staying up all night to watch the ladies. I missed when they first participated as a team as I did not realize they competed at like 3 am in the morning. So many tears and pain. Physical and mental. All the effort put in and only one can win out of the best in the entire world. Amazing right. All the hours and days an years and decades doing the same ole and then in one moment in time, you either make it or your dreams are totally lost. 

But in Christ, there is no loser. Just all winners to those who believe that Jesus is the Son of God and gave His life for us to live for all eternity. Forevermore in heaven singing and enjoying life. Still wondering about heaven and eternity and what it’s gonna look like. I’m a visual person. 

In this place of peace and the steadfast love of Christ Jesus. 

Still so disappointed in the fact my sport is not in the Olympics. Dreams that are not big enough. Think it’s the dream of every elite athlete to win a gold in the Olympics. No matter how many medals and trophies you win, nothing is like the one medal in the Olympics. Love my Elite Athlete Association. They just called to find out my current address. Love our government. They take care of their elite for life. I was the first in our section of sport to be taken to be trained in Sports Science. I really did not want to go but unfortunately I came in first so they said I had to go. First. So if it was alright after I got started, others would follow. Now we have a bowling centre in the Sports Institute. But but but our sport is not in the Olympics. Not good enough. Not big enough dreams. 

The problem is if you do not dare to dream big you just stagnate in the one place which is alright if you are comfortable there but for some, it ain’t good enough. It just is never good enough to just be in the one stationary place without moving upwards. 

Indeed the ones who dream big, the ones that follow will dream even bigger. Truly it is my hope that our sport will be an Olympic sport. 


We are so hidden in Christ, in the heart of our Father, that we cannot be found in the world. Not tarnished by the world so much but kept in the sanctuary of His presence. 

In elite sport you cannot even take Tylenol. Nor drink tea. The best is to just eat rice and meat and vegetables and drink nothing but water. This is elite sport. 

When we look at God’s plan and will we see His plan and will is perfect. A narrow gate of holiness. 

My husband is happy and contented and so am I as we have nothing to worry about nor care about. All our kids are old and the grandchildren are growing happily. 


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