Ask The LORD The Interpretation Of The Vision

Been finding myself going round and round and round lately. Frustrated about this. But then, seems like even in my wandering, there is progress. Been taught to ask the LORD when I need answers so I inquired of the LORD about these grains of rice on my hand. Not much. So HE replied that the few talents I have been given for the kiros moment in time, I used them up. This is a good thing for what does it say in the parable of the talents. Don’t bury them in the ground and then bring them back to the LORD. So, I think in my circles of life, I did good in this one.


So I inquired as well about the ice breaker. So HE brought me back to the origins of ice breakers. Been on one at dock. They go to places where no one has been and with great effort they open areas where no man has ever been. And they are nothing to look at really. Just a ship. Nothing ordinary. Nothing special yet they cut through such huge obstacles that seems impossible.

This summer to my surprise the LORD told me to take my grandsons to the main church. Been serving in Sunday School for so many years and then I got told by the LORD to take my grandsons to the main church. We are at the altar. Trust in the LORD right. So, to my surprise they are there with us, both my husband and me. They come and sit with us at the altar and surprise, no mobile phones. They are not playing on their mobiles. Respect the LORD in this place. You just got to look at everyone and they are on their phones. I have had to train myself as well. Not to look in my phone for fun. During the sermon. During anything really. So I do not answer the What’s Apps people seem to send right at the time I’m at church. So here are two teenagers at the altar, trusting their grandparents. Not playing Pokemon at the altar. No games. No nothing on their phones. Listening to the sermon and getting it right. Then the cherry on the top. They go up for prayer. What a blessing. Debbie prayed for them this week. Linda last week.

What is the plateau. I’m standing on the ROCK of my salvation. Jesus is my ROCK. JESUS is my salvation. I saw an old picture of this inside my picture album of this WordPress.

Preikestolen massive cliff top (Norway)

Well it’s not there anymore so it seems. It was lovely. 

So here we are at the altar and God is in control of what is going to happen and we are not doing phones. We are worshiping together as a family. Worshiping Jesus at His throne of grace and taking in the sermon. If this is not by the grace of God. And loving one another. The most valuable thing you can give anyone is your love through giving them your time. As a child I was taught this simple act of love by sitting with people giving them my full attention. This is called love. Unfortunately in this day and age no one can give of their time to anyone anymore without the gadget of playing on their phone but even being there but not being there. Do I get an amen. So love unconditionally. Within the boundaries of what it truly means to love. God loves us by giving His Son as a loving sacrifice so that we may be granted eternal life this day and forevermore for those who believe. 

When I asked someone to interpret my vision many decades ago her reply was. Ask God for the interpretation. That was it. But but but ….. no reply. So, I ask God. 

Use your talents wisely. Use them all up until there is no more when you see Jesus face to face. Break the ice in a far off land spiritually. Have courage. Great courage for the LORD our God is with us every step of the way. Walk uprightly. Be holy as our God is holy. Possess the land you are standing upon and all that is around you. Take the land for Christ. Your reward is great in the kingdom of God. Ask and it shall be given unto you. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be open unto you. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all the rest will be given unto you. The Lord our God goes with us. He is our shield. He goes before us. He is behind us. Look and taste that the LORD is good. All the time. He is our great reward. He is our life. He is our way. Divide not your heart. But be of one heart and mind belonging only unto the LORD. He knows best. Do not be afraid.




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