Be Gentle

Today I met up with my old ladies group and they talked about their illnesses at eighty and above. They shared their hospital experiences. The aches and pains and how to get doctors to help them in our government hospitals. It was an eye opener. Tomorrow I shall meet them for the first time for dim sum in the morning since my husband will be busy. It would be nice to chat more and eat lovely Chinese steamed food in the early morning.

I’m learning a lot about things that I have not learned about from their perspective. My husband is also with me and he listens on and sometimes when I comment he cuts in. They smile as they know he can understand the language. This season is beginning to be so happy happy happy. They are old now and the aches and pains are much but they taught me that when the government gives them some money because of their old age they can spend it in the mornings and afternoons chatting together. I smile as we compare free services. 

Love your neighbour as thyself. Love one another. 

It’s someone’s birthday next week so I think I shall get us all some cake to celebrate. In ones eighties, there is blindness and one is unable to walk and another is deaf so she scares us all when she talks loudly. Another has to walk with a stick. This is my street. It’s awesome. They buy one meal and share it among themselves. We are talking cutting food into little pieces. 


The LORD, HE has a good sense of humour. I do suppose cos I’m the apple of HIS eye. 




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