You know me LORD JESUS, what I need is Scripture. 


Are y’all ever in this place of absolute bliss. Lost in the Word of God. Jesus is the Word. The Word is the person of Christ our LORD. It is the story of who our God is. His character and what He wants in us. HE leads us along righteous paths. Nothing is hidden in His eyes. Though we go a step backwards, He still leads forward along His narrow narrow path. It takes decades and decades and decades. It takes long years of study. Herein lies my patience. Patience in the study of God’s Word which leads us along His path of righteousness. Jesus our righteousness. Do y’all know this place. I do. Since a very young young child. In this place you are not popular with the world but hey, God’s love surrounds you and never lets you go. 




Are y’all pushing through all that is in front of you rising higher and deeper in Christ Jesus. I am. It was really painful getting here over the years. Bending and submitting to the Word of God. The time when they gave a sermon on having to be bent in line with Scripture. I cried. I knew this place. Every single one of us, young and old will feel the bending according to the Word. This is if if if you submit to Christ our LORD. We truly are so lost without the Word. Without Christ. We walk along the winding road that takes us to places that are not worthy of Christ. Y’all been there and done that. Even today, it’s a battle in the mind. Here is where I’m at. The bending is in the mind. In line with the Word. Herein lies my fight. But to keep all of Christ in the mind leads to His holy righteous path of peace and contentment. Where you can sit down and enjoy Christ. Is this a process. It so must be. hahahahahahahaha It’s been a long long journey along life arduous called life. 



Do you think the paths we will walk along in eternity will look like this with the glory of the LORD a constant. Yes, of course the LORD’s glory is a constant but will it look like this forevermore. Those of us that have gone and are going and will be gone. And then when it’s our turn. I’m blessed. Beyond measure. I walk with the greats of the Word. Those teachers. This is what I see. 


It’s all pure bright white light. People want to know what it looks like. What it looks like when we die. I have been asked so many times. 

Jesus is the Light. 

I was taught that colour other than light is a reflection of our dimmed vision. 

I’m sinking deeper and deeper and deeper into the Word of God to seek Him in His high places. Looking up from the depth of the Word. 



Can you see how your teacher gets you to see a clearer vision of who our God is. To know His heart. To know Him. Though the path taken is hard and to submit my life all my life according to His precepts and His ordinances and statutes. They made fun of Isaiah so I suppose they will make fun of me. There is victory in this place. There is absolute bliss and contentment. There is love in Christ Jesus. True love. And then everything and everyone beside you just falls into place.


Those who know me know me in this place but those who do not know me at all, well, they just do not know me at all. Not at all. 




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