Make The Difference In The Lives Of The People We Meet


A young girl once cried under the table and I could not get her to stop nor could I get her to come up from under her table. She sobbed bitterly. Her teacher told her she would amount to nothing. Nothing would come of her as she was born stupid. What, was my scream from my seat. No one should say this to you, was my reply, but still she was sobbing bitterly. She was seven years of age. Her teacher had been telling her that she would never amount to anything as she was born stupid since aged five. Two long years and finally she could not stand it anymore. I comforted her that at seven no one was to know that and that woman was a most horrible person. She sobbed bitterly  under that dining table for half an hour. That teacher was fired. A new one was found in her place. She grew up to be such a beautiful teenager. I loved her most as from her perspective at the bottom of that table that summer’s day, she had lost all hope. Aged seven. She is all grown up now into a beautiful woman. 

Sometimes people have a bitter and hard heart and they hurt others by their cutting remarks because of their past. Of course they are only imitating what was done to them. I’ve been in this same place in the past and probably in the future, hurt people will unfortunately for me, without me knowing, pass by me. What a shame for me.

She got over it over the years.

The evil powers of control.

Do you think that she was born stupid. Do you think nothing would amount of her. Do you think her family would do anything so that their daughter would have the best education in the world so that she would amount to anything she wanted to be. Her sister is a doctor. She wanted to be a doctor from a very young age like her dad. This young lady became whom she wanted to be. Her parents can afford it.

Once I encountered a young boy who could only ever attain a seventy percent average no matter how hard he tried. Yet, his lazy brother got nineties without even ever trying. Their mother was horrified when I suggested that well, seventy was enough. She has long passed away and her son whom she thought was not good enough has a very good job. Yet, his brother of ninety percent has amounted to nothing much. But he scored ninety percent.

Is life fair. Are people fair. Or are people just  plain horrible. This young child looked out of the window one day for a very long time for many many days and weeks and said not a word without any smile in his face. Because he was only a seventy percent son.

Sometimes people just need experience and learn from many many others whose paths have passed our lives. A good mouth does wonders to a watered heart of love from Christ Jesus. What do you think Jesus would say to these two when they arrive in heaven or the two persons who cut their hearts. Or me. The on-looker.  

When the paths of those we meet, are their lives devastated by us or are they uplifted and whom ever they dream to be, they become. Smiling happily. 

I brought up my two boys believing how fantastic they are. That they are the best of the best of the best. And they are. 


Are people’s lives uplifted or downtrodden. It all comes down to love love love. Knowing how to love. Do we send people to devastation or bliss. Examine our hearts. 


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