Sports Psychology At Its Best

About a month or so ago I was frightened and so I ran into the room and felt safe there. Here, there, dunno. There. And all was peace and calm and quiet. The most funny thing was there is a building construction down the street and we hear it. It’s not loud but it exists. We are aware of it. A week or so later or ten days I asked my husband why all the noise had stopped and was gone. Had they finished with it and the building was being built. Apparently it must be rock as the foundation. To my surprise he informed me that nothing has changed and that it’s still as it is. They have not stopped. I laughed and told him I’ve not heard a thing for a week or so. Even worse, you can hear the complete and utter pounding when you leave home but I had not heard a thing. 


An even better thing is that you can invite people into your room and I am so blessed to have my husband and me in my room. God blessed me with a wonderful husband and we or I can live quietly and peacefully in my room. 


I’m most comfortable in this place as it was revealed to me that I enjoy being alone in my own little world with Christ and my husband and doing the little things in life like bible study happily and the best is quietly. Where most like the hustle and bustle of life with many I enjoy just the one and it’s my husband. It’s quiet and peaceful here in the midst of a bustling city. I have found that life is good. My friend who died this year mentioned about thirty years or so ago that I am like an only child doing my own thing happily without bothering others nor others bothering me and get lost in it all all by myself. The fact that I’ve always been like this and enjoy being the me God made me to be is a wonderful place to be and to live. I probably have slight autism whereas I get lost in it all, whatever I’m doing. 

When I bowled all I could think of was the game and now all I really like thinking of and sinking myself in is the LORD. 

On Sunday I was about to walk past my fellow church members in Sogo. I never saw them at all though there were five of them right in my midst. My husband called out to me and informed me that they were right here beside me. Not a sign of anyone. 

I laugh and jest as God, HE has a very good sense of humor. We spend so much time together in prayer and supplication and thought and conversation and bible study. 

What can I say, what can I do but offer my heart O LORD completely to YOU.


It’s a really good place to live in. My husband and me. A place of the absolute bliss of peace and love and divine presence of a holy God and all I can say is best get on with this life of mine with Christ Jesus our LORD and my delightfully loving husband. 

Indeed this is sports psychology at its best.

Follow the instructions. Do I get the a smile. Think I do not know who is best at this game of life. Hey, it’s peaceful here. Like in a huge room of bowlers in the hundreds and hundreds screaming and all the pounding balls and machines and screaming supporters, there was absolute peace in the midst of it all and today, it’s no different. 


Do you think God instigated it all. 
Indeed HE did and has and is.

God has a great sense of humor. 

The thing is it’s is so noisy outside now. I must be feeling safe. 






So when I miss whomever and walk pass it’s not that I did or do know you were around. I was probably in my own little world doing my own thing within the boundaries I live in. With my husband of course. He can see everyone. But me, I do not see the world. I just see Jesus. The best place to plant myself in. 



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