In Quiet Intimacy With Christ

There is so much hype but no one teaches on quiet time in deep intimacy with the LORD. I have been blessed to be instructed of this place and so spend lots of time set apart to be spent with the LORD. In this place you find Christ in a most intimate fashion. It helps to hear His voice ever so clearly and HE touches my heart in the very deep places which helps me walk in His ways and obey His statutes and ordinances. I just follow what those before me do. When someone goes into such an intimate place with Christ, they cannot be found. Sometimes for weeks. But Christ reveals Himself as like in Scripture. Or some vision. Indeed in this fast moving innovative world where people need people to feel secure, some just find Christ and is secure in Him and Him alone. We sing the song but the words do not ring true as in Christ alone is but a song and not a life style. The last Sunday our pastor taught on trusting the Lord with all of our hearts. As in all. We do trust others but within the boundaries set in Scripture. It spoke to my heart this commandment. It always has. I suppose not many find this place of just Christ and me. But there are those who do and those of us, though of a number that is not great find that God who is Spirit is real and mighty and powerful and faith abounds in this place for eternity is not but a dream of what is to come but knowing and seeing and feeling and touching and reaching out to a holy God is indeed possible as the crucified life in the flesh meets what is eternal and what is to come and all that is is heaven’s invasion in a dark dark world growing even darker but deep in the heart of man is the Christ and His light shining through and through and through and no one and nothing in the heaven or the earth has the power to intervene between God and man. We only follow the same path those before us and hope that those after us will be called to this place of intimate communion with Christ and Him alone. It comes at a cost. A great cost. Much has to be given up in this place in all areas of our lives. You could say all has to be given up for this place. Is it that not many find this place. What a place. I have so many kisses with Christ since like the norm. This has become my norm kissing Jesus’ lips. 


We truly need to thank these prophetic artists whose time is spent displaying what the Lord is currently doing in the lives of those who see Jesus. Finally it’s all white. It can only get whiter.  


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