Be Perfect As Our Father

Do not settle for anything less than the perfection of who Christ is. And then, follow His example and be just like He who is deeply in love with each and everyone of us for He left the ninety-nine for the missing one. Do not lose heart for Jesus has overcome the world before the foundation of the world. We are called to be perfect and holy as the LORD. 

❤ ❤ ❤

Love demands our all as Jesus fills the all in all.


I just want to devote my life to the study of God’s Word. Intimately and deeply. Talking to Him in His Presence. Listening to His still still voice touch the deepest part of my heart which He so intricately fashioned with His very own hands. Breathe in Christ. Declare the glory of the Lord over my life in the rhema word. Worship in banners right at the foot of the throne-room of Christ as close as close as can be and kiss Him millions and millions of times more. For anything else is meaningless to me. 

I will be away for the next couple of months so I will be unable to write as much.


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