Loving One Another

The second commandment Jesus gave us is to love one another yet in the years gone by I have found that this seems the impossible. I have ever had this deep deep love in my heart but sometimes it gets squashed by the unloving. Therefore I have come to terms with this and have learned that Jesus loves and that in the in capabilities of just mere man, I’ve let it be  and God will do it all. So I just turn away. Leave in my heart. But I have kept the love that has been gifted me and share with those whom God sends.

The most amazing thing are my two daughters in my banner worship team. Though I have not intercepted in ways I have hoped, God has grown them beautiful. He has done His good work in them to be in completion on that day. Little Jo at fifteen, is leading for two weeks on her own and is most capable. She has gone places to share her love for Jesus in dance and banners all over the nations and even in her school. But the best is how focused and how happy my two daughters are in worship of Jesus. Freely we are allowed to worship in our church in the love of Christ in our humble adoration and holy devotion to Christ our Lord right in His throne room at his blessed feet. Jesus is high and lifted up in His one and only high place in our hearts. 

Is this not the love of Christ our Lord for His brides. 

The Lord has placed before Him three generations in a row worshiping Him in humble adoration.

What an awesome God we serve.

Love one another.

Bless the holy name of Jesus.



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