I Would Hate To Be Someone Else

I’ve never wanted to be like any other person. The reason is I love to learn from the best of a person about the Lord to increase in my knowledge of God but to know the Lord personally from a clearer and brighter perspective. You could call this as such, stepping stones.

There. Not that I step over people but just learn heartily from them. 

I love being my own original person figuring out how to draw closer to God my Father in heaven. That He told me that Jesus is the way to His heart is so touching that He would take time to tell me His heart. You could say that I have spent my whole entire life listening to hear God’s voice and that in doing so I walk along that path He has chosen personally and intricately just for me alone. Indeed I feel extraordinarily special as I was told a very tender age and just so in recent years come to understand how so. It is easy to get lost in others’ journeys but I am a focused person since birth and the fact that I’m an elite athlete magnifies this fact by which has brought and risen me to greater heights in my intimate communion with Christ our Lord, Messiah, the great I AM. I have ever thought what I can learn from others who can help me be me in the bigger picture of things to come and have found that every little bit helps. There has been times when there is nothing to be sought therefore nothing to be got so it be best to find other places where there be something to be sought. Life is like a huge box of Lego blocks where you find pieces to construct your own creative piece. 

That this piece must be Christ is vital to the foundational understanding by which we must all stand on. Like I knew this very concept from a very tender age before the age of five or much less being gently guided by those mature in Christ who know God intimately aspired me to follow such a route through my meagre life in Christ. For to know the gospel and its power to save is no small feat as even those be told not know this till this day for what reason I cannot say for know this not yet. I say this ‘yet’ for in time God will reveal this to me if but I ask then He shall say and tell me why for indeed if we therefore not ask of we do not get thereof. What can I say. So I plunge forth into Thy great and marvellous light for which it be the Christ in communion with He who is and in the knowing thereof, a greater is to be found, whereby no one be stood but those chosen to be Thine very own in glory found in His renown, all His and only His. I be Thine, my Saviour says. That by I hear Thee sing to me, how wonderful and how wonderful Thy be.



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